Since our establishment in 1992, PASB has grown considerably to expand our scope of services and establish our expertise in a variety of industries. We currently provide the best capabilities in the area of Building, Civil Engineering and Mechanical & Electrical Engineering with more further expansion plans in the works.


B03 (Restoration and conservation)
B04 (Building construction works)
B08 (Waterproofing material installation)
B11 (Installation of signage on buildings)
B13 (Tile installation)
B14 (Paint work)
B15 (Roof installation)
B24 (Building maintenance work)
B28 (Modification works)

Civil Engineering

CE01 (Road construction and pavement)
CE13 (Billboard installation)
CE21 (Construction of civil engineering)
CE34 (Precast concrete installation work)
CE36 (Earthworks)
CE42 (Road painting works)
CE43 (Street furniture)

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

M01 (Air conditioning and air distribution system)
M15 (Miscellaneous mechanical equipment)